Blockchain Validated Protocol

The Power of Blockchain In Your Hands

Using Blockchain solution as an end-to-end solution for powering marketplaces, levelling the playing field that Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) supply-chain can leverage. Our solution can even benefit homegrown businesses. We put the power of Blockchain in your hands.

White Paper

About BVP

Blockchain Validated Protocol (BVP) began as personal interests from a group of like-minded individuals. Often in the cryptosphere, many excellent projects are available but often not in the reach of consumers. We would like to change that. Making Blockchain-enabled products/ applications available to the masses at a lower cost will increase their profits for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) or even homegrown businesses. How do we do that? An ecosystem powered by BVP Blockchain will be the enabler. We would like to make this a community movement by having the community work with us on their needs. Moving forward, we are in the process of building our very own NFT marketplace with even more features than conventional ones. We would also be looking into how Blockchain can facilitate the daily work processes of SME and homegrown businesses.

Our Roadmap


The model of our token distribution will provide added advantage to ensure our tokens do not flood the market. The structure of our fees will provide a 3-way advantage, as it will simultaneously disincentivize weak hands, reward long-term holders, and contribute towards social causes.

Total Token Supply: 100,000,000,000

2% Charity

2% of the tokens in each transaction are locked and kept in a wallet for charity/ donation purposes. Every organization will be able to apply for this on our webpage. This is subjected to approval at our discretion. Proper accountability will be available on our website for all to see.

5% Redistribution

5% of the tokens in each transaction are redistributed to all token holders. Therefore, the more you hold, the more you will get from this distribution. This aims to reward our loyal token holders.

2% Auto Liquidity

2% of the tokens in each transaction are added to the liquidity pool. This will strengthen our token and, in the long run, benefits our holders.

How to Buy Steps

BVP Tokens will only be available on Pancakeswap after the round of Flash Sale had been completed. More details of the Flash Sale will be shared on BVP's Telegram at a later date.

Our Team

We are a group of like-minded individuals that wants to create a world where Blockchain is accessible to all. We do not favour the current high transaction fees of major cryptocurrency/ tokens. As we move on in our journey to make Blockchain accessible to all, we would like to invite you to go on our journey with us. Blockchain had changed so many things over the last few years, and we know the possibilities are boundless.